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Find out everything you need to know about the Ministry of Health in Luxembourg; organization with which they carry out a series of plans in favor of the life of the citizens of this town, thanks to the efficient operation of this Luxembourg health system; Do not miss it.

What is the Ministry of Health in Luxembourg?

The Ministry of Health in Luxembourg identified under the initials LIH; is a public organization, dedicated to the field of biomedical research.

This organization was created in 2009, as the Sante portal, in order to concentrate within a single platform, all the information related to health in this city.

It is a digital space within which consulting a GP or a specialist in any area of ​​medicine is really easy and effective.

While on the other hand the cost of this service is covered for the most part by the National Health Fund; according to the economic possibilities of each patient and the type of assistance they should receive.

In fact, the presence of this Ministry of Health in Luxembourg has increased the life expectancy of many citizens unlike those used in other European countries; except in the case of Norway.

In general terms it can be indicated that a Luxembourger has a life expectancy of 82.6 years; presenting a mortality rate due to stroke, which is only surpassed by Switzerland; while deaths from this disease are approximately 41 per 100,000 inhabitants.

On the other hand, in relation to diseases due to air pollution, they have decreased considerably, as in the case of mortality from myocardial infarctions; where only 59 deaths are experienced within an estimated group of 100,000 citizens.

What is the portal?

As previously indicated, the Ministry of Health in Luxembourg has a portal or website; within which access is provided to all interested parties, both to varied information and on a particular topic.

For this, it is made up of pages within which health and well-being issues in Luxembourg are published, whose content allows users to deal with a series of diseases, emergencies and health difficulties of their daily lives.

Among other aspects, it indicates everything that they should do to suffer from any disease and when it is necessary to request the help of a family doctor or specialist; including how to contact a nurse to request laboratory tests.

In addition to this, the portal offers detailed information on all hospitals and care centers in Luxembourg and answers questions such as insurance, pharmacies, medicines, medical care reimbursements, the Social Security Joint Center and more.

The portal is an application of; which is available for download and installation on different models of smartphones and tablets and thus have an effective ally in terms of health at hand.

In addition, in this space you have the telephone numbers for medical emergencies or any other essential assistance to save a life; whose call is free and is operational 24 hours every day of the week.

The Ministry of Health in Luxembourg, with the presence of this portal, guarantees equal assistance for all its citizens, regardless of their economic situation or livelihood.

It has nationwide coverage, which extends throughout the center, north and south of the Duchy of Luxembourg and where consulting a doctor is really easy.

It should be noted that when the cost of the service is not covered by the National Health Fund; This can be backed by complementary illness plans in charge of private insurance.

Undoubtedly, keeping abreast of new developments in health is of vital importance, not only for one’s own benefit but also to contribute to the well-being of the community and society in general. Find other articles of interest in this regard on our blog.