bookmark_borderEssential care for patients with diabetes

Discover what are the essential care for patients with diabetes, in order to guarantee their quality of life and prevent this disease from affecting their physical stability, during the development of the activities that are part of their daily routine; Do not miss it.

What is the diabetes?

It is a disease that occurs when the level of glucose in the blood is high or too high; considering that it is basically blood sugar indices.

Although glucose is the main source of energy for the body and is supplied through the consumption of food; This is efficiently administered thanks to insulin; hormone produced in the pancreas.

This hormone is in charge of directing glucose from food to the cells of the body to be used as energy; but when it is not produced in the necessary quantities or there are not adequate insulin levels; these sugars remain accumulated in the blood without reaching the cells.

As a consequence, with the passage of time, excess blood glucose is generated that leads to the generation of health problems, such as diabetes, which unfortunately has no known cure; but the patient who suffers from it can follow a series of measures to control their symptoms and maintain their quality of life.

Importance of essential care in diabetic patients

Essential care for patients with diabetes is not only necessary but also indispensable; in order to avoid collapses that lead to the deterioration of other associated organs, but also to live in conditions similar to those experienced by those who do not suffer from it.

Following a routine treatment to maintain the physical condition of a diabetic implies a permanent commitment to their health, based on a rigorous plan to reduce the risk of serious complications.

Essential care for patients with diabetes

Every patient suffering from diabetes must actively take care of their health, with measures to avoid endangering their lives and for this the following guidelines are followed:

  • Check your glucose levels frequently and stay informed about your illness.
  • Strictly follow your doctor’s instructions regarding the essential treatment to control the amount of glucose in your blood; requesting in turn health assistance, when deemed necessary.
  • Consume only those foods that are allowed based on your pathology.
  • Do not smoke, as you expose yourself to reduced blood flow that leads to the appearance of infections, eye diseases, nerve damage, kidney disease and premature death, among others.
  • Frequently monitor your blood pressure and keep your cholesterol level low; since, if it rises, it causes more damage to the body when it is associated with the presence of diabetes, even causing conditions with stroke, heart attack and other fatal diseases.
  • Go regularly to medical check-ups, physical examinations and verification of optimal vision condition.
  • Keep all your vaccinations up to date, to avoid contracting certain diseases, such as the flu, pneumonia, hepatitis B and the like.
  • Take care of the health and optimal condition of your teeth, since diabetes is a disease with which the predisposition to suffer infections at the gum level is increased.
  • Check your feet, because the presence of a high level of glucose in the blood is an incident factor in the reduction of blood flow and, among other consequences, damages the nerves in the feet. Promptly attend to any cuts or blisters that could develop into a serious infection.
  • If you suffer from diabetes and at the same time cardiovascular problems or arterial hypertension; you may need to take a low dose of aspirin daily to prevent a heart attack or stroke.
  • In case you consume alcohol, do so responsibly; since it is an element that directly influences blood glucose levels. Do not ingest more than one drink a day if you are a woman and two if you are a man.

Diabetes is a disease that conditions the life of those who suffer from it, with great life expectancy if it is kept under control; For this reason, avoid stress and follow the recommendations that we have previously provided you, if you want to feel good, as long as possible.